Omkar Industries is a leading manufacturer of high quality copper and aluminium conductors in India, with an annual capacity of 1800 metric tons.  An ISO 9001:2008 certified company in accordance with TUV India Ltd, Reg. No. QM 080040. Headquartered at Dharwad and Established in 2009, The Omkar Industries is a subsidiary of Shri Ganesh Metals Rolling Mills and Engineering Works Pvt Ltd, the company is catering an enormous electrical conductor industry with a range of products. At Omkar Industries, we are committed in producing high quality conductor’s day in day out.


A Glimpse of our history
The Omkar Industries is a diverge unit of Madhurkar group of companies.  A 60 Year old group, with its headquarters in Hubli is a family owned business of Madhurkar brothers. A vision of one man, Shri. Durgappa P. Madhurkar to make a difference in the society led to a beginning of new business’s in Hirekerur, Dharwad District. During Early 1930’s it started with retailing latter grew to agriculture, timber trading and housing. In 1950’s the group ventured into aluminium and copper utensils industry and was the first unit to produces domestic as well as commercial utensils in the entire north of Karnataka, by the end of 1970’s the group came up with brass utensils copper sheet and circles for commercial use. Latter in 1980’s the group added stainless steel utensils to its product range. Sheer experience in retailing enabled the group to penetrate the growing retail electronics & home appliances market in 1990’s and latter into real estate business. By the year 2000 the group set out in retail automobile spares and building materials. Over the years since 2000 there was a surge in demand for electrical conductors in India due to foreign direct investment as well as the growing economy, In addition to that new reforms by the central and state government to improve infrastructure, in particular power sector led to sanctions of new projects.  These fueled together created a huge gap in the market for manufactures of electrical conductors, this is when Madhurkar group took advantage, after conducting market research as well as feasibility study Omkar Industries was established in 2009 to cater the demand of electrical conductor industry. Omkar Industries, first concentrated on manufacturing quality conductors, the relentless quest for quality products led to success, In 2010 Omkar Industries was awarded an ISO certificate, management system as per ISO 9001: 2008 by TUV India.

Who we are?

qs_img1Omkar Industries is a partnership firm with seven partners, all members belonging to the Madhurkar family; with Vast experience in the metal industry, technical know-how, management skills and in summation to that, constant support, motivation and advice by the family members all along has been a key factor for the success of this company. 
Omkar Industries is being run by a team of young individuals, the culture is informal and everyone is ambitious and charged to make it larger than imagined. What started as a team of seven grew into a team of 30 within two years. The company is headed by Mr. Tukaram S. Madhurkar (Suraj) and Mr. Sanjay R. Madhurkar, rest all being dormant partners, are enthusiastic and ambitious individuals following the footsteps of their fathers to excel in the industry. In addition to the strong top management, the team at Omkar Industries is also run by a qualified production engineers, quality control personnel, highly skilled operators and staffs. Every member of the company is a driving force and is committed in delivering high quality product and aiming to exceed customer expectation.

What we do ?

qs_img1Metallic conductors (copper/ aluminium) are the sole of electrical industry. Adding value to the power sector, we produce high quality electrical conductors. Conductors are materials which contains movable electric charges called electrons. The flow of such charges is known as electric current. Metallic conductors are the means to carry charged electrons from one end to the other. Electrical conductors come in many dimensions both in aluminium as well as in copper are manufactured with different insulation for transformer, alternators, switchgears, UPS as well as motor industry.  We at Omkar Industries adhere to the IS, IEC as well as customer preferred standards and transform EC grade base metal to an insulated conductors that are ready to be used in variety of electrical windings. There are mainly two stages in the process; first, to convert the base metal to the required dimension and finally the base metal is covered with insulation. The following are the various types of conductors manufactured by Omkar Industries;

  • Copper Bare Round and Rectangular Wire

  • Aluminium Bare Round and Rectangular Wire

  • Copper Double Paper Covered Round and Rectangular (Flat) Wire (DPC)

  • Aluminium Double Paper Covered Round and Rectangular (Flat) Wire (DPC)

  • Copper Double Fibre Glass Insulated Round and Rectangular (Flat) Wire (DFGC)

  • Aluminium Double Fibre Glass Insulated Round and Rectangular (Flat) Wire (DFGC)

  • Copper Enamel Insulated Round and Rectangular(Flat) Winding (Magnet Wires)

  • Aluminium Enamel Insulated Round and Rectangular (Flat) Winding Wire

  • Copper Enamel Fibre Glass Insulated Round and Rectangular (Flat)  Wire (ENFGC)

  • Aluminium Enamel Fibre Glass Insulated Round and Rectangular (Flat)  Wire (ENFGC)

  • Taped Round and Rectangular (Flat) Copper Wires

Taped Round and Rectangular (Flat) Aluminium Wires

Where We Work ?

qs_img1The Manufacturing unit is located at 127/A Belur Industrial Area, Dharwad Growth Centre, Dharwad 580011; one of the major manufacturing hub for an automobile industry in north Karnataka. The industrial area is also surrounded by leading companies like Telcon, Tata Marcopolo, RSB Industries, Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd, JMT Auto Ltd, Wagner Trident and ADM Company. The Industrial area is embraced with adequate infrastructure and local amenities by the Karnataka state government. The State-of-the-art manufacturing facility of Omkar Industries at Dharwad commenced production in the year 2009 which  caters small, medium and large transformer industry, UPS industry as well as electrical motor industry. Set on a 4.5 Acers (approx) land with an average annual capacity of 1800 Metric Tons, the unit produces a wide variety of copper and aluminium conductors.