Achieving finest quality conductors and setting higher quality standards has been a prime objective of Omkar Industries. Transparency and awareness of quality objective, quality control process as well as the state of the art testing facility has led the company to achieve its quality objectives. Various tests are performed periodically at different stages to ensure consistency in the quality. At Omkar Industries we adhere to IS as well as IEC standards for our incoming and final stage inspection.
Testing Categories & Equipments



Visual Appearance of conductor


Surface Smoothness  of conductor


Dimension of conductor

Micrometer , Corner Radius


Hardness of conductor

Hardness Vickers

Flexibility of conductors  

Elongation tester & Bending tester

Softness of conductor

Spring back tester

Insulation peel off

Peel of tester

Resistance to abrasion & jerk test



Resistance of Conductor

Resistance meter ( ohm meter)

Break down voltage of conductors 

BDV Tester

Continuity of covering

Pin hole tester


Heat – Shock Test

Heat shock  tester

Thermal Endurance 

Hot air oven

Cut Through Test